Managed WordPress is no doubt better than shared hosting.

The technical aspects of running your WordPress site like WordPress core updates, uptime and daily backups are taken care of by your web host.

Managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for you if you wanted a fast and secure WordPress site.

This kind of web hosting will ensure your blogs uptime to almost 100% and your blog secured.

Security is guaranteed by your host. Once your WordPress blog gets infected by malware or gets hacked, your web host will fix it free of charge.

Customer service is above normal. Help is available 24 hours a day by phone and chat. Those who will respond to your call are WordPress experts capable of answering any question or problem you might have related to hosting and WordPress.

Most webmasters prefer to host their WordPress blog on a shared hosting rather than a managed WordPress hosting for the following reasons:
  • Managed WordPress Hosting is expensive

  • Some Plugins are not allowed

  • Email account is a separate addon service

  • No Cpanel

Managed WordPress Hosting is indeed expensive. For instance, One of my WordPress blog is hosted on Namecheap shared hosting. I paid $9.88 for one year (I bought it on promo) and it renews at $38.88 per year.

Now, if I wanted to move my site, say Flywheel, Flywheels cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan is $15 ($25 now) per month.

This plan is good for up to 5,000 (25K now) monthly visitors. If I choose to move, I will be paying $180 per year instead of $38.88 per year.

But the best thing about flywheel or other web host offering the same kind of service is that caching comes as a standard which makes your blog load very fast.

This blog is hosted on Godaddy basic managed WordPress hosting plan. According to GTMetrix, this site loads in under 1 second. (now hosted of blogger)

Disallowing some plugins alone is the single reason why some WordPress site owners stay away from managed WordPress hosting. Some of their favorite plugins are not allowed.

I, for instance, wanted to install mailpoet email newsletter plugin on my Godaddy Manage WordPress site but my web host says no way, it is not allowed for security reasons.

You are a webmaster and you maintain a professional blog . You are a professional and of course, you wanted a professional email address like admin@yoursite.com instead of admin@gmail.com right?

But in a managed WordPress hosting, you must get a separate account for your email and this will cost you additional money. This is of course of no consequence if money is not your concern.

For most starting bloggers on a tight budget, this will be an added burden on finances. Almost all shared web host offers free email account as a standard.

Most Managed WordPress Host does not use the cPanel. Flywheel and Godaddy, for instance, uses a neat administrative dashboard where you can easily manage everything from the domain name, hosting account and other add-on services.

The problem with this is that you can not access some cpanel services. You can not access cron jobs and other services that your host considers to compromise the speed and security of your managed WordPress site.

So those are some of the prejudices about a managed WordPress hosting. If you look at it closely, a managed WordPress hosting benefits far outweigh that of a generic shared web hosting.

So if your budget permits, even if you are just a starting blogger, opt for a managed WordPress. This will take away the hassles of managing the technical aspect of your site away from you and you can just concentrate on creating your content and promotion.