One of my other blog is hosted on a managed wordpress hosting. The advantages of a managed wordpress hosting far outweigh the disadvantages.

I subscribed to Godaddys Basic Managed WordPress hosting plan.

I paid $12 for one year (a promo then) but it will renew at $6.99 per month.

A bargain compared to the other more expensive managed wordpress hosting companies whose cheapest plan starts at $29.

A Managed WordPress Hosting traditionally is expensive but few hosting companies like Godaddy and Fastcomet began offering an affordable start-up plan for your wordpress blog.

Being affordable does not necessarily mean inferior to the other more established and pioneer managed wordpress hosting companies.

So far, I do not personally see any disadvantages of a managed wordpress hosting except that It is more expensive than traditional shared hosting

Some plugins are not allowed I can only host 1 wordpress blog unless I upgrade to the next higher tier.

Some of the Advantages of a managed wordpress hosting are:


It is fast loading, thanks to the server-side performance enhancing caching. I do not need to install and configure a caching plugin. This blog according to GTmetrix load in under
1 second. I am not using a CDN at that. Just imagine if I will use a CDN, My site will surely fly.


Automatic updates through wordpress built-in functionality. I do not need to click any link in the WordPress Admin dashboard to update my wordpress site.


Enhanced security through restricting file access. Godaddy and most probably the other managed wordpress hosting companies do not have a traditional cpanel. The admin dashboard is different. Messing up your site by accidentally changing something is nil.


Free automatic backups for a certain number of days. A popular backup provider charges $5 a month for the cheapest plan.

If I like for instance to go back to a previous state of my blog say 1 week ago, a 1 click restore link is readily available at my convenience.


My Managed WordPress Host pro-actively scan my site for malware and block attempts to hack your site. Some managed wordpress hosting companies may even fix your site for free if it is hacked.

So far, I never experienced my site being down or inaccessible and never encountered my web hosts customer service as I never encountered any problem so far and when I do, I am sure that my managed wordpress hosting provider will provide an excellent support.