What are the advantages of solid state drive in web hosting?

One of the criteria you must use in choosing a web host is the type of storage device it uses.

I prefer to sign with a web hosting provider who offers me a a limited storage space for as long as it is a solid state drive (SSD).

You may have observed in your search of a web host that those web hosting companies which uses a solid state drive is more expensive than those which uses a generic hard drive.

You may stay away from those web hosting providers which uses solid state drive because they are expensive or offers limited storage capacities, but consider the advantages of solid state drive unless web site speed is not one of your priorities.

Advantages of Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive is significantly faster than a generic hard disk drive (HDD).

Files like images, videos and text are transferred up to 10 times faster.

Solid State Drive has no moving parts inside and no parts to wear out.

Mechanical failure is rare to happen and your data is safe from corruption.

The Main selling point of a Solid State Drive is speed.

All things being equal, I prefer a Web Host which uses a solid state drive than one which do not.

The Following Web Host uses Solid State Drive in its shared web hosting plans.