Blogger is better than WordPress.

Have you tried searching the internet on how to transfer your blogger blog to WordPress?  I advise you not if your main consideration in migrating your blogger blog to WordPress is cost, uptime, reliability, and speed of your blog.

Chances are that there are so many articles and posts written about it. You will be overwhelmed by materials touching on the topic.

Those articles will tell you that WordPress is better than blogger. It will move on to say that blogger has a lot of limitations. That might be true.

But I say, Blogger is better than WordPress.

The Reasons why I said blogger is better than WordPress are enumerated hereunder.


How many times have you read about a WordPress site being hacked? How many times have you read about or heard about a blogger blog being hacked?

Chances are that there is more WordPress blog than blogger blog being hacked each day.

Do you remember the Ashley Madison Hacking incident?

If the site is hosted for instance in the free blogger blog, would it be hacked?

Godaddy was even included in the initial complaint in that case but subsequently dropped.

But the point is that Blogger is more secure than self-hosted WordPress.


Blogger blog is free. You do not need to pay a monthly hosting fee. Self Hosted WordPress is not.

Since Blogger is free, some of you might say that you will get what you pay for, but I say I get more from a free blogger blog.

Why did I say that? Let us look at the cheapest shared hosting plan of A Small Orange.

A Small Orange cheapest hosting plan called tiny has the following features:
  • 500 MB Storage Space

  • 5 GB Bandwidth

  • $71/ Year Hosting Fee

A Small Orange is one of the most reliable and affordable shared hosting providers out there.

Now let us look at the Free Blogger Blog. It has the following features:
  • Unlimited Pages

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • $0/ Year Hosting Fee


You may perhaps conclude that just because Blogger is free, It loads very slowly.

My Blog with a custom domain hosted on Blogger runs as fast or even faster than most blogs hosted on shared hosting.

Look at the performance of my blogger blog below receiving more or less 60,000 page views a month and more or less 15,000 unique visitors a month.

The Data above came from the result of my google page speed insight test. Considering the average file size of almost 2 MB, It loads fast at less than 2 seconds.

Blogger servers have the reputation of being reliable and fast.


How much does it cost me to maintain my blogger blog?

  • $23 One Time Fee for the template I bought from Themeforest

  • $10 Once a year fee for the domain name I bought from Namecheap

How much does it cost me to maintain my WordPress blog?

  • $84/year Godaddy Basic Managed WordPress Hosting

  • $69/year MyThemeShop WordPress Theme

  • $15/year Godaddy Domain Name

  • $9/  year Comodo SSL Certificate

Blogger is Better Than WordPress Is It Not?

Let us hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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