Blogger limitations you need to know before you decide to host your blog on the blogger platform.

Blogger is a powerful platform to start your blogging journey.

It is one of the most secured content management software (CMS) out there.

But as you progress in your blogging career, you will begin to see its limitations.

Unlike a self hosted wordpress, Blogger limitations are clearly defined by Google.

Blogger Limitations
  • About Me Profile Information 1,200 characters

  • Blog Description 500 characters, no html

  • Importing Blogs No Limit

  • Number of Blogs 100

  • Number of Labels 20 per posts and 2000 per blog

  • Number of Posts - Unlimited

  • Number of Pages - Unlimited

  • Number of Comments - Unlimited

  • Number of Pictures 1 GB

  • Number of Team Members 100 per blog

  • Profile Interest and Favorites 2,000 characters

  • Size of Pages 1 MB

  • Size of Pictures 250 K per picture if posting via blogger mobile

  • Size of Posts -  No Limit

In addition to the above blogger limitations, Blogger Blog has no search bar in the media window to conveniently find and retrieve your uploaded images.

Unlike a wordpress blog where you can search a particular image by just typing the file name in the search bar, you have to scroll all the way down to locate the uploaded image you want to use in your blogger blog post.

Ping is not Automatic.

WordPress on the other hand automatically ping every time a new post is published to notify search engines that your blog has been updated.

You have to manually ping your blogger blog each time you publish a new post.

You can use the following ping service to ping not only your blogger blog but also any other blogging platform.

Blogger has no plugins to add substantial functionality to your blog. You can not install for instance, a notification bar on the top of your blog.

You can not use the blogger platform if you intend to use it to sell some things. It does not have the functionality of the woocommerce plugin for instance.

Do you know of any blogger limitations or blogspot limitations?

Kindly tell us in the comment section below.