You landed on this web page in your search of ways to increase blog traffic on your blog or website.

Various authority blogs and forums touching on the topic of traffic generation says that in order to increase blog traffic on your site, you must do any or all of the following:
  • Email Marketing

  • Forum Posting

  • Blog Commenting

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Social Networking

The above mentioned traffic generation techniques are very effective to increase blog traffic on your blog or website.

But the best source of traffic is the traffic coming from the search engines.

You may perhaps notice that when you look at the data of your google analytics account, the majority of your traffic comes from the search engine.

Capitalize on those visitors coming from the search engine.

Majority of those visitors come to your blog or site once and never return.

You must convert those visitors into regular readers by making it easy for them to subscribe to your blog or website so that they will be notified of your newly published blog post or article. Hence, an increase in blog traffic.

In this Wordpress blog, you may have noticed, there are 3 ways in which to convert a site visitor into a regular reader.

One, Immediately below the comment section of the blog post, there is a tick box where you have the option to subscribe to new post via email.

Two, in the lowest part of the sidebar, is a subscription form where site visitors may choose to subscribe to be notified of future post.

Three, after the article post, is a subscription form for an email newsletter that a visitor may subscribe to be able to be notified of future posts as well as any future information that the blog author may provide.

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You may put the subscription form or Opt-In form in any place you want like in the sidebar, after your post, a floating bar in the footer or on the top of your page. Just keep in mind that it must not be intrusive.

If you are one of those webmasters out there who are not using these effective ways to increase blog traffic to your site, then I suggest that you start using it right away.

To be able to put a subscription tick box below the comment section of your blog and a subscription box in the sidebar, you must install and activate the Jetpack plugin from the Wordpress plugin repository in your Wordpress admin dashboard.

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You need a account for this one. Create one.

Once you installed and activated the Jetpack plugin and successfully linked your account, you will observe that the tick subscription box immediately below the comment section is now present but the subscription form in the sidebar must be installed manually.


  1. Go to the jetpack website
  2. Scroll down, under Social, Click Subscriptions to learn
  3. How to turn Subscriptions on.
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