Managed Wordpress Hosting, Do You Need It?

I have a wordpress blog hosted on a generic shared hosting provider.

I am a happy customer with my present host because it is fast considering that it is just an ordinary shared hosting.

When I was searching for a fast and reliable web hosting for my wordpress blog, I came accross a substantial number of web hosting providers and companies offering managed wordpress hosting.

I asked myself, what is managed wordpress hosting?

Why is it expensive compared to my present namecheap shared hosting.

My present web hosting fee will renew at just $38.88 for one year or just $3.24 per month. You can host 3 wordpress blog and above average resource limit.

Experts classifies my web host where one of my wordpress blog is hosted as generic shared hosting.

Generic as it may but it loads very fast.

When I read the features of a managed wordpress hosting, I am sometimes tempted to migrate my blog to a managed host.

Most Managed WordPress Hosting providers offers the following features:
  • No need to install caching plugins

  • Prevent Website Hacking and Fix if Hacked

  • Continuously Scan and Block Malware

  • Auto Update Your WordPress Software

  • Reliable and Knowledgeable Support Team

  • Free Daily Backups

The latest GTmetrix data of one of my site hosted on a generic shared hosting says that my Page Speed is 85%, YSlow is 85% Page Load Time of 1.7s  and Total Page Size of 204 KB.

My site is well optimized for speed. I am using a caching plugin and a free CDN. I am using minimal plugins.

I was thinking that if I will migrate my wordpress blog to a managed wordpress hosting, will the above data on my GTmetrix Speed Test Result substantially improved?

Will the price of paying expensive hosting for a managed wordpress worth it?

I doubt it.

Most bloggers say you get what you pay for. But with my present web host, I can proudly say, I get what I pay for and more...

I say managed wordpress hosting are designed for those who do not have the time to learn how to optimize and maintain their wordpress blog.

I am extremely satisfied with the speed and reliability of my present host and I will not move to a managed wordpress hosting anytime soon.

If you have time to tinker with a caching plugin, CDN, backup plugin and a security plugin, moving to a managed wordpress hosting is not the best option.

Stick to your present shared web host if it is not giving you any problem. Do not be enticed by the advertising gimmick of those managed wordpress hosting companies promising speed, reliability and security at a very expensive web hosting plans.