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How To Disable Cloudflare From Your Domain

How To Disable Cloudflare from your domain is the search term I used in the Google search bar to learn the ways of removing or deleting cloudflare.

Most of the results came from solutions posted in the knowledge base of most webhosting company.

Their tutorial simply says the following:


1. Log into cPanel.

2. For Shared customers, click on the CloudFlare icon in the Software/Services section. For Reseller customers, the icon can be found in the Advanced section.

3. Click Edit next to the domain on which CloudFlare is enabled.

4. Next to the sub domain for which you'd like CloudFlare disabled, click the orange cloud. When the cloud turns gray, CloudFlare has been disabled.


1. Click the CloudFlare icon, located in the Domains section of your control panel.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

3. Choose your domain name from the drop down menu.

4. Click the Disable button to disable CloudFlare.

Almost all web hosting companies says the same thing. But that is the rem…

Godaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting Review

This is a brief and concise godaddy managed wordpress hosting review for those needing a quick view of what managed wordpress does godaddy offers.

Godaddy is one of the giants of the web hosting world. It is also one of the best known domain name registrar in the world.

As a web hosting company, it used to offer shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server.

Godaddy, like the other big hosting companies began to offer managed wordpress hosting.

Godaddy Managed WordPress is one of the most affordable or cheapest managed wordpress hosting in the market.

Godaddy Managed WordPress offers 4 Types of Plans:
Godaddy Managed WordPress Basic Plan has the following basic Features:
You can host only one wordpress blogIt has 10 GB SSD storageIdeal for 25,000 visitors per monthSFTP AccessSold at $3.99/month and Renews at $7.99/month
Godaddy Managed WordPress Deluxe Plan has the following basic Features:
You can host only one wordpress blogIt has 15 GB SSD storageIdeal …

Why I Stopped Installing A Caching Plugin

The Reason I stopped installing a caching plugin is because my web host handles the server caching for me.

One of my blog is hosted on a managed wordpress server.

FastComet, Flywheel and Godaddy offers an affordable managed wordpress hosting plans.

These Managed Wordpress hosting companies offers the following start-up hosting plans:
FastComet $2.95/monthGodaddy $7.99/monthGetFlyWheel $15/month
Server Caching is faster than doing it yourself by installing and configuring a caching plugin.

When you host your wordpress blog on a managed wordpress host, you expect  that caching comes as a standard. Otherwise, look for another managed wordpress web host.

Even without using a CDN Content Delivery Network, your wordpress blog simply load extremely fast.

When one of my blog was hosted on a generic shared hosting,

I want it to load my web pages fast so I tried installing a caching plugin. I stayed away from w3 Total cache for the simple reason that it is too complicated for most newbie wordpr…

How To Reduce Image File Size In Your Post

Reduce image file size in your blog posts. This will contribute to the faster loading of your website.

Most bloggers started blogging with a site hosted on a shared hosting plan.

You may perhaps be one of those who are lured into the so-called unlimited in everything like storage space and bandwidth.

But the truth is, unlimited is not actually unlimited.

If you will take the time to read the terms of service of a web hosting provider which you can usually find through a link somewhere in the footer of the web hosting provider's website, you will be limited by a certain amount of storage space and resources.

If your WordPress blog is hosted on a hosting provider that gives you a very limited amount of storage space, say 1 gigabyte or 5 gigabytes which is common, you need to reduce image file size of every image you post on your blog.

When You reduce image file size in your blog post, aside from conserving storage space, your site will load faster, contributing to a good user exper…

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting Expedited Site Migration

Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting announced that it will provide an affordable expedited site migration for those who has a blog hosted somewhere.

Flywheel Managed WordPress has been migrating sites for free for a time now.

Site migration usually takes 24 hours to 48 hours.

Site migration can now be expedited to be done in eight hours for an affordable fee.

Site Migration Can be done in 3 quick steps:

1.Sign-up for a flywheel account
2. Fill out the migration form to get the information flywheel need to move your site
3.Flywheel will log in to your wordpress blog/site and download a copy of it. That's it.

Remember that migrating your site is free.

Flywheel charges a reasonable amount only if you request expedited site migration.

Meaning, your site will be moved in just 8 hours and your site will never go down.

Flywheel prioritize sites that are being migrated to a paid plan.

To move your migration to the front of the queue, create and pay for a site before submitting the migratio…

How Much Is The Domain Name For Weebly Free Website

You are now aware that you can not use a domain name you purchased elsewhere to your weebly free website.

When purchasing a domain name for your weebly free website directly from weebly, you may opt to pay for a term of one year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years.

You are required to pay $19.95 for 1 year if you choose to pay for your domain on a yearly basis. If you will opt to pay every 2, 5, 10 years, you will be given a discount at the rate of 15%, 25% and 37% respectively.

When you decide to buy your domain name for your weebly free website directly from weebly, you may pay via your Visa, master-card, American Express and Discover Card.

Paypal is also an alternative payment method offered by weebly.

When You Buy the Domain Name for your weebly free website directly from Weebly, You will get the following features:

1. Your new domain is instantly online

Within seconds, your website is visible in your new domain name

2. No setup whatsoever

The Domain is fully configured to work with yo…

Fastcomet Managed Wordpress Hosting

I was looking for a cheap, fast and reliable managed wordpress hosting to host my second blog. I found fastcomet managed wordpress hosting.

My First Blog is hosted on Namecheap.  I paid 9.88 US Dollar for the 1st year. It comes with a free .website domain.

It will renew at the price of 38.88 US Dollar per year.

I do not have a problem with my wordpress blog hosted on namecheap, In fact I am a happy customer. Namecheap's shared hosting is blazingly fast with free CDN Cloudflare enabled and a caching plugin turned on.

I am just curious of the difference between an ordinary wordpress blog hosted on an ordinary shared hosting and a managed wordpress hosting.

Most established blogs I read almost say the same thing. Managed WordPress hosting is not for you if you are just starting out your first blog.

Well that might be true if your sole consideration is the hosting cost.

But now, with a Fastcomet managed wordpress hosting sold at just 2.95 US Dollar monthly, why not host your first or…

Easy Way To Transfer Blogger Posts To Wordpress

The easy way to transfer blogger posts to wordpress is by following the simple guide below which I personally used in transferring my old blogger posts to my new wordpress blog.

I bought a shared hosting with namecheap for less that 1 dollar a month for one year and renewable at 38.88 US Dollar per year.

It comes with a free .website domain name for one year to get you started blogging right away.

I easily installed my wordpress blog via namecheaps cpanel with the help of the ever reliable softaculous software.

Now my wordpress blog is ready for my blog posts.

I wanted to bring or transfer my blogger blog posts to my new wordpress blog and I do not know the easy way to transfer blogger post to wordpress.

I searched the internet for easy way for a newbie wordpress blogger like me then, to transfer my blogger blog posts to my new wordpress blog.

I found a free wordpress plugin from the wordpress plugin repository that can easily move or transfer your blog posts from your blog hosted on…

Fastest Minimalist Wordpress Theme

Are you searching for the fastest minimalist wordpress Theme?

When I first started using the hosted wordpress blog platform, the first theme I used was a free one.

I used the wordpress theme Go Fresh. I downloaded it from one of my favorite wordpress blog wpexplorer.

Soon I realized that wordpress and wordpress plugins are updated very often but my wordpress theme is not. These resulted in some compatibility issues with my installed wordpress theme.

I began shopping for a fast but minimalist wordpress theme at the most affordable price.

That's when I discovered the schema wordpress theme.

I bought the theme at Mythemeshop. It is sold at $45 but I bought mine at $9.

Mythemeshop at times sale at great discounts. Just subscribed to their email list to receive updates on any discounts offered.

I was amazed how fast and how easy it is to customize the theme.

You can do whatever you want. You can change the side bar from left to right or you may opt to remove the side bar.

My blog has …

Child Theme Configurator Wordpress Plugin

Child Theme Configurator is a wordpress plugin created by lilaeamedia aimed primarily at creating a child theme without editing anything from your wordpress site.

I created my child theme through this very efficient and handy wordpress plugin.

You can easily create child themes and customize styles, templates and functions. Enqueues stylesheets and web fonts. Handles rgba, vendor-prefixes and more.

Child Theme Configurator is updated often by the plugin author.

It is compatible with the latest version of wordpress.

This plugin has an active install of more than 40,000 which makes it really popular. It has a 5 star rating which makes it credible and reliable.

Child Theme Configurator is a fast and easy to use CSS editor that allows you to create a child theme and customize it beyond the options of the Customizer.

Child Theme Configurator lets you easily identify and override the exact CSS attributes you want to change.

You can create any number of child themes from your existing Parent…

What Is An Inode In Web Hosting?

You may be new in web hosting and come across the term inode. What is an inode in web hosting?

An Inode, in layman's term usually equals
one file
one folder
one email
Sometimes, one file may consists of more than one inode because of its large size.

An Inode, in a technical term is short for index node.

In Unix-based file systems, an inode is considered to be a data structure that represents a single file system object.

The inode space is used to “track” the files stored on the hard disk. The inode entries store metadata about each file, directory or object, but only points to these structures rather than storing the data.

Each entry is 128 bytes in size.

Below are some of the Inode Limits imposed by popular web hosting companies.

All of those mentioned below are for the cheapest shared hosting plan.


300,000 inodes for its cheapest plan.

600,000 inodes for its business plan.

Once your hosting account exceeds 150,000, it gets excluded from automatic server backup system.


Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Adsense

You are all aware that AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content.

With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.

Some of you may now have an adsense account, congratulations, please take care and abide by its policy.

Some of you perhaps fear adsense. You opted to join a different ad network. You read a lot of negative and arbitrary articles against it.

Eliminate your fears. Adsense is not arbitrary.

If you commit a minor violation for instance, it will not close or shut your site immediately. Instead, it will issue a warning and you will be notified through the email address you provided during the sign-up process so it is important to open your email account everyday for any update.

When you receive a warning from adsense, read carefully the reason for the warning and fix it.

The issues are stated in the email letter.

Fixing means yo…

Resource Limit Is Reached What To Do?

So finally, Your resource limit is reached and your web host warned you to upgrade your hosting plan to a higher hosting tier or to reduce your resource usage.

You were surprised right? You subscribed to a shared web hosting plan of your present web host based on its very convincing advertisement like free domain for life, unlimited space/storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Your web host promised unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth but now requires you to upgrade or to reduce your usage because your web hosting resource limit is reached.

What will you do? If I am similarly situated as you, where my web host tells me that my web hosting  resource limit is reached, I will look for a web host that offers more space and offers more bandwidth.

You may ask, How will I do that when almost all the web hosting providers in the world advertise their shared hosting plans to be unlimited in space/storage or to be unlimited in bandwidth.

The truth is that nothing is unlimited.

The real limitatio…

Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog In 3 Simple Ways

Would You Like To Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog?

Would you like to have a Google page speed grade of 96% and Yahoo Yslow grade of 92%.

Would you like your wordpress blog to have a page load time of 1.04 seconds.

Who doesn't, right?

You can  Speed Up your wordpress blog in 3 simple ways.

I was able to attain this by installing just 3 wordpress plugins.

These wordpress plugins are free to use and freely available from plugin repository.

This 3 Plugins I installed to make my wordpress blog blazingly fast are the following:

WP Super Cache
If you are a new wordpress blogger  starting to blog in a domain hosted on a shared server, there is less we can do about the server side optimization part of making our blog blazingly fast.

What you can do is to optimize the frontend side of making things fast in the browsers of visitors visiting our blog.

WP Super Cache

It is free and easily downloadable from the plugin repository. It is a very fast c…

FastComet Hosting Review

This Article is about FastComet hosting review.

FastComet is a US Web Hosting corporation based in San Francisco, California.

FastComet Hosting has been in the business for more than 7 years.

This company has been known for its SSD (Solid State Drive) Cloud Hosting solution and it is one of the most accessible and affordable.

FastComet Hosting is not your ordinary web hosting provider out there.

It is is one of the few hosting provider on the market to fully utilize the power of technologies such as Google Pagespeed, nginx and Facebook FlashCache.

It stands on moral high grounds. It does not tolerate

Child Porn
Scam & Exploits
Viruses & Malware
Racial/Religious Intolerance
Like Most Web Host in the market, FastComet Hosting offers the following services:

Web Hosting
Cloud VPS Hosting
Dedicated Servers
WordPress Hosting
Joomla Hosting
OpenCart Hosting
SocialEngine Hosting
All Services and Products offered by FastComet Hosting has the following features:

Free Domain Forever
Fast …