The easy way to transfer blogger posts to wordpress is by following the simple guide below which I personally used in transferring my old blogger posts to my new wordpress blog.

I bought a shared hosting with namecheap for less that 1 dollar a month for one year and renewable at 38.88 US Dollar per year.

It comes with a free .website domain name for one year to get you started blogging right away.

I easily installed my wordpress blog via namecheaps cpanel with the help of the ever reliable softaculous software.

Now my wordpress blog is ready for my blog posts.

I wanted to bring or transfer my blogger blog posts to my new wordpress blog and I do not know the easy way to transfer blogger post to wordpress.

I searched the internet for easy way for a newbie wordpress blogger like me then, to transfer my blogger blog posts to my new wordpress blog.

I found a free wordpress plugin from the wordpress plugin repository that can easily move or transfer your blog posts from your blog hosted on the free blogger platform to your self hosted wordpress blog site.

The Name of the WordPress plug-in is Blogger Importer Extended.

This wordpress plugin will basically import posts, pages, tags, comments, images and links from your blogger blog.

This is a user-friendly, easy to use and  a reliable plugin.

It has a 5 star rating which means majority if not all of those who used it was satisfied with its performance. It has more that 4,000 active installs.

Just Install this plugin from your wordpress dashboard and activate it.

In your wordpress dashboard, go to tools, then import and there you will find the newly installed and activated Blogger Importer Extended which you can easily use to transfer your blogger blog posts to your wordpress blog.

Disclaimer: I am merely narrating my personal experience when I migrated my blogger blog posts to my wordpress blog and what wordpress plugin I used.