I was looking for a cheap, fast and reliable managed wordpress hosting to host my second blog. I found fastcomet managed wordpress hosting.

My First Blog is hosted on Namecheap.  I paid 9.88 US Dollar for the 1st year. It comes with a free .website domain.

It will renew at the price of 38.88 US Dollar per year.

I do not have a problem with my wordpress blog hosted on namecheap, In fact I am a happy customer. Namecheap's shared hosting is blazingly fast with free CDN Cloudflare enabled and a caching plugin turned on.

I am just curious of the difference between an ordinary wordpress blog hosted on an ordinary shared hosting and a managed wordpress hosting.

Most established blogs I read almost say the same thing. Managed WordPress hosting is not for you if you are just starting out your first blog.

Well that might be true if your sole consideration is the hosting cost.

But now, with a Fastcomet managed wordpress hosting sold at just 2.95 US Dollar monthly, why not host your first or more of your wordpress blog on a managed hosting.

Some of the larger hosting companies like bluehost, hostgator and dreamhost charged more than that of fastcomet.

Almost all the managed wordpress hosting out there are very expensive and they are all over the top ten sites of the google search results page.

But these does not mean that less expensive managed wordpress hosting is far behind in speed,security and reliability.

I tried  godaddy managed wordpress hosting before and it is priced at less than 7 US Dollar a month for their basic or starting plan but the speed is blazingly fast at under 1 seconds with more than 15 active plugins.

I thought that Godaddy is the cheapest managed wordpress hosting out there before I discovered fastcomet managed wordpress hosting.

I said I have to try this hosting company and compare it to Godaddy.

Fastcomet managed wordpress hosting cheapest plan is sold at 2.95 US Dollar monthly.

Now compare that to the likes of wpengine, pagely, websynthesis and all the other expensive managed wordpress hosting.

For all startup wordpress bloggers  who dreams of a fast, secure and reliable managed wordpress hosting at a reasonable and less expensive price, try FastComet managed wordpress hosting and compare the speed, security and reliability with your present ordinary shared web host.

Personally visit the FastComet website to see its features which I am sure you will be impressed by what this managed wordpress hosting company offers.