Reduce image file size in your blog posts. This will contribute to the faster loading of your website.

Most bloggers started blogging with a site hosted on a shared hosting plan.

You may perhaps be one of those who are lured into the so-called unlimited in everything like storage space and bandwidth.

But the truth is, unlimited is not actually unlimited.

If you will take the time to read the terms of service of a web hosting provider which you can usually find through a link somewhere in the footer of the web hosting provider's website, you will be limited by a certain amount of storage space and resources.

If your WordPress blog is hosted on a hosting provider that gives you a very limited amount of storage space, say 1 gigabyte or 5 gigabytes which is common, you need to reduce image file size of every image you post on your blog.

When You reduce image file size in your blog post, aside from conserving storage space, your site will load faster, contributing to a good user experience.

There are generally 3 types of Image file type you upload together with your article.

Uploading the wrong type of image or picture will sometimes result in increased file size and thereby slowing your site.

You must try to reduce image file size in your articles by uploading the correct and appropriate type of image file.

When choosing an image you will use in your blog post, consider using any of the following types of images.
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

To simplify things, When posting an article with an image file or picture, Keep in mind the following:

1.Use JPEG for
  • Still Images
  • Photographs
  • Complex Coloring
  • Shading of Light and Dark

2.Use GIF for
  • Animations
  • Small Icons
  • Web Graphics with Few Colors
  • Simple Images ex. simple cartoons, single color border

3.Use PNG for
  • Web Images ex.logos
  • Complex Images ex.Photographs if file size is not an issue

By remembering the above image file type will help to reduce image file size hence, a faster loading site.

What most blogger do is to use a plugin to compress the size of the image file or picture.

I prefer to edit my image file first before uploading instead of installing a plugin to compress the image.

Using the correct image file type will even dispense with image editing.

You must try to minimize the use of plugins. Plugins consumes server resources and affect site performance and speed.