Would You Like To Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog?

Would you like to have a Google page speed grade of 96% and Yahoo Yslow grade of 92%.

Would you like your wordpress blog to have a page load time of 1.04 seconds.

Who doesn't, right?

You can  Speed Up your wordpress blog in 3 simple ways.

I was able to attain this by installing just 3 wordpress plugins.

These wordpress plugins are free to use and freely available from wordpress.org plugin repository.

This 3 Plugins I installed to make my wordpress blog blazingly fast are the following:

  • WP Super Cache

  • Autoptimize

  • WP-Optimize

If you are a new wordpress blogger  starting to blog in a domain hosted on a shared server, there is less we can do about the server side optimization part of making our blog blazingly fast.

What you can do is to optimize the frontend side of making things fast in the browsers of visitors visiting our blog.

WP Super Cache

It is free and easily downloadable from the wordpress.org plugin repository. It is a very fast caching plugin for a wordpress blog.

You must use only one Caching Plugin. Using more than one caching plugin will rise to conflict between or among them which will result in detrimental slowdown of your site.


As the word indicates, this wordpress plugin will optimize your wordpress blog by compressing the css and javascript in your blog making it load faster.

It also minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really lightweight.

It is recommended that you use this plugin to complement the caching plugin WP Super Cache.


If you hate or seldom visit or do not wish to go to the cpanel and mess things up just to clean out database, then this is the plugin fit for you.

This plugin will basically clean your wordpress database.

There is no need to go to the cpanel and PhpMyAdmin just to clean and optimize your database tables.

Installing just these 3 wordpress plugin will make your wordpress blog super fast.