The Reason I stopped installing a caching plugin is because my web host handles the server caching for me.

One of my blog is hosted on a managed wordpress server.

FastComet, Flywheel and Godaddy offers an affordable managed wordpress hosting plans.

These Managed Wordpress hosting companies offers the following start-up hosting plans:

Server Caching is faster than doing it yourself by installing and configuring a caching plugin.

When you host your wordpress blog on a managed wordpress host, you expect  that caching comes as a standard. Otherwise, look for another managed wordpress web host.

Even without using a CDN Content Delivery Network, your wordpress blog simply load extremely fast.

When one of my blog was hosted on a generic shared hosting,

I want it to load my web pages fast so I tried installing a caching plugin. I stayed away from w3 Total cache for the simple reason that it is too complicated for most newbie wordpress blogger.

I want a simple caching plugin like WP Super Cache where I do not need to configure so many settings.

We are bloggers right? and bloggers are supposed to write content and not tinkering  on technical things such as performance tuning of a caching plugin to make our blog load fast.

So if what you want is to improve the user's experience of your blog visitors by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and making your wordpress blog load blazingly fast, then stop installing a caching plugin.

Instead, host your blog on a managed wordpress hosting provider with an affordable startup plan like FastComet, Godaddy and Siteground.

Once your blog is hosted on a managed wordpress hosting plan, forget about installing a caching plugin, speed is taken care of by your web host.