Install Google Chrome in Linux Mint and you will experience a fast and feature rich internet browser.

I am new to using Google Chrome for Linux. I usually use Mozilla Firefox for my everyday internet activities.

When I installed my first ever Linux Mint operating system, It came pre-installed with Mozilla Firefox web browser and Epiphany web browser.

These browsers are fast and easy to use but when I access other products of Google via internet using these browsers, my netbook freezes most of the time.

I decided to use and install Google Chrome in Linux Mint, my main operating system..

I got use to installing software in Linux mint from the terminal command line.

The usual sudo apt-get install Google-chrome-stable command did not work well  for me.

I wanted a Microsoft windows style way of installing programs and applications where you just download the program and application you want to run in your computer and thereafter click the .exe file and voilĂ ! the program is installed and ready to use.

I can not do that in my Linux Mint operating system.

I have to download the program I need from the official repositories of programs for Linux.  If the program I need is not in the official repository, that's the end of it.

I am skeptical of getting the software or programs from outside sources.

It is safer to get all your software from the Linux official repositories.

You can install Google chrome in Linux mint or any Linux operating system directly from the Google chrome website.

Just visit the Google Chrome Website and download the Google chrome for Linux.deb file. It is more or less 45 mb in size.

Google chrome website automatically detects the operating system you are using and present the Linux download button.

After downloading the Google Chrome for Linux, just go to the file downloaded and double-click it, like installing a program in windows operating system.

Google Chrome for Linux will automatically install in your system. Google has its own installer for its Google Chrome  web browser.

No need to execute complicated command in the Terminal command line of the Linux operating system.

I am now using Google Chrome  as my default web browser in my Linux machine because it combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.