I Purchased a Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting yesterday for just 1 US Dollar a month for 1 year.

It was the best deal ever. Imagine, a managed wordpress hosting for just 1 dollar a month.

The catch is that it renews at 7 dollars a month rounded off.

And by the way, it comes with a free domain name for 1 year so you can start blogging right away.

Compare that to the other Managed WordPress Hosting providers that charges 29 dollars a month for their least expensive hosting plan.

The only way to really judge the speed, security and reliability of a hosting provider is not what others say but what you as a user actually experience.

Hosting reviews and Users testimonial is important if you are shopping for a hosting provider.

You probably came across of some bad reviews about Godaddys web hosting nightmares and shortfalls.

That was the Godaddy of yesterday. Godaddys managed wordpress hosting is really blazingly fast. Just look at the load time of my wordpress blog measured by gtmetrix, it is fast isnt it?

It is a wordpress blog out of the box with no installed plugin except the 2 plugins that is there by default when you first login to your Godaddy wordpress blog.

Godaddy managed wordpress hosting is not a one click install wordpress blog but a wordpress that is already there automatically when you log in to your newly purchased managed wordpress web

One thing that surprised me was that it has no cpanel which i got used to in my other hosting provider. Godaddys Control Center where you manage your domain name and hosting is very neat and uncluttered. That is what I am looking for in a control panel.

Unlike a cpanel where there are lots of options to click upon, Godaddys own panel for wordpress is very simple and neat.

I started posting 7 blog post today which I imported from one of my blogger blog and then installed 4 of my favorite wordpress plugins and then tested my blogs speed via gtmetrix and the result was astounding, My blog loaded in under 1 second.

The 97% and 94% Yslow score is just an added bonus. What I am after is the speed and security that Godaddy managed wordpress hosting offers aside from the free daily backup of my blog.

I will wait and see what happens to my blog speed when I will eventually have say 1,000 visitors a day.

Till then, I am very happy with my Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.