I just joined Propeller Ad today and I used one of my blog hosted on the free blogger with a custom domain.

I am impressed with the simplicity of adding the code to the blogger template.

There is generally 4 Ad Format you can choose from or you may choose them all.

  1. Native  Subscriptions
  2. Onclick (Popunder)
  3. Interstitial
  4. Direct link (Direct Ads)

The native subscriptions ad format is a profitable ad format with a high click-through rate, perfectly compatible with all other ads.

You get paid for each new subscription (CPS) or impression delivered (CPM).

Onclick (Popunder) is Propeller's popular, top-performing full-tab ads. You can monetize every visitor on desktop and mobile.

This format is great because you can even monetize visitors with adblocking software thereby increasing your ad revenue by 25% with Propeller's effective anti-adblock solution.

Interstitial is an ad format that is non-full-screen and is suitable for desktop and mobile traffic. This is better and you get higher revenue compared to the classic banners. There are no banner ads available in Propeller.

You must have at least 10,000 uniques visitors per day to be eligible for this ad format. You can present the screenshot of any traffic analytics you are using for Propeller to check them out manually.

Direct link (Direct Ads)

Direct ads are a flexible ad format with smart ads auto-optimization. You can send traffic from your own banners, texts or other custom advertising solutions.

Try joining PropellerAds now. The minimum payout is just $5 and you can opt to be paid via PayPal.