Native banners are fully customizable widgets, that include flexible content blocks with advertising offers, relevant to your website content.

How Native Banners look like?

Native banners are an innovative ad format that blends with your site's design and promotes only user-friendly ads.

This kind of ads can be used as

  • Footer banners
  • In-Article Banners
  • Above/Below Video Banners
  • Side Banners

Why monetize with Native Banners?

It is best to monetize your site with native banners because of the following reasons:

  1. High Revenue - your site users see advertisements relevant to their interests. They click more and you make money.
  2. Non-Intrusive - You can monetize your site without hurting the user experience. The widgets look like a part of your site.
  3. Fully Customizable - You can pick the best place on your site for the banners and choose how they will look like.
  4. 100% SEO and Adsense Safe - ads are fully compatible and do not violate Adsense policies.

One of the ad networks that effectively utilize native advertising is Propeller Ads. It is the best ad network I found at par or better than Adsense. Propeller Ads have exclusive advertising contracts for this ad format. Only relevant offers for maximum profit are made.

Still thinking?

This ad network is fast-growing, it has 300,000 plus publishers and 450,000 plus websites in its network.

The best thing I like about this ad network is that the minimum payout is just $5, yes, just $5 and paid weekly via PayPal.

What are you waiting for? go native and try Propeller Ads now.

Please note, that native banner is available for websites with 10,000+ unique users daily for now.