Easywp Supersonic

Easywp Supersonic is Namecheap's highest tier manage Wordpress hosting solution.

Easywp Supersonic is a true manage Wordpress hosting solution for everyone.

Supersonic is a Webhosting solution designed for scaling up.

Easywp Supersonic Pricing

This hosting tier will cost you $11.88 a month.

EasyWP Supersonic has the following features;
1. 100 GB SSD storage
2. 500,000 visitors/month
3. 2X more CPU
4. 2X more RAM
5. 99.99% uptime guarantee
6. Free CDN
7. Free SSL

In addition to the above features, EasyWP Supersonic plan includes the following features:
1. Wordpress installed in under 90 seconds
2. Hosted on Namecheap cloud
3. Scale elastically as visitors grow
4. Highly available with uptime guarantee
5. 3X faster than traditional Webhosting
6. Use any domain name
7. Ready to go managed Wordpress hosting
8. Easy to use dashboard to manage WP sites
9. Fastest out of all Wordpress hosts
10.Highly secure and tuned out of the box
11.Easy backup and restore tool
12.SFTP, Database Access, CDN, SSL, and more...

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