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Egyptian Movies on Netflix

Egyptian Movies on Netflix


After an awful accident, a couple admitted to a grisly hospital are separated and must find each other to escape - before death finds them.

Starring: Amina Khalil, Ahmed Dawood, Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed El Fishawy, Mahmoud Hijazi, Jihane Khalil, Asmaa Galal, Tara Emad


After 20 years abroad, a photographer returns to his birth country of Egypt and gets stranded without identification in a now unfamiliar culture.

Starring: Ahmed Helmy, Lofty Labib, Edward, Enaam Salousa, Ahmed Rateb, Emy Samir Ghanim

Escaping Tel Aviv
After her husband reveals he's an undercover Mossad agent, an Egyptian woman and their children are taken to Israel, prompting an urgent rescue mission.

Starring: Karim Abdel Aziz, Mona Zaki, Sherif Mounir

A Beauty expert, a drug dealer, and a bungling revolutionary end up in the grips of an extremist group after meeting on a plane to Lebanon.

Starring: Ahmed Fathy, Bayoumi Fouad, Sami Maghouri

Nosy family in tow, a fun-loving bachelor goes on a romantic getaway, but he ends up pretending to be married to a complete stranger to avoid trouble.

Starring: Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanim, Sabrine

Lock Your Girls In
A widower believes he must marry off his three problematic daughters before he can pursue his real goal of marrying his secret love.

Starring: Fouad El-Mohandes, Sanaa Younes, Sherihan

Monopoly The Bank of Luck
Seeking revenge on his employer, a lazy bank agent and his two dim-witted friends concoct an elaborate but flawed heist.

Starring; Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohammed Tharwat, Akram Hosny

My Horrible Grandma
As a man fumbles to keep things in order, his assertive grandmother tries to straighten out his life when she returns to live with him.

Starring: Shaimaa Abdelkader, Samiha Ayyoub, Fify El Sebaay

Raya and Sakina
When Robberies and murders targetting Women sweep early 20th-century Egypt, the hunt for suspects leads to two shadowy sisters. Based on a true story.

Starring: Suhair El-Babili, Shadia, Abdel Moneim Madbouly

Sayed the Servant
While running from the law, Sayed begins to work as a house servant to a wealthy family, whose divorced daughter enlists his help in a marriage scheme.

Starring: Adel Imam, Omar El-Hariri, Raja Al-Jeddawi, Mostafa Mitwali, Moshira Ismail, Badr Nofal

The Cell
A special operations officer vows to get revenge against the terrorist who killed his friend in a brutal attack.

Starring: Ahmed Ezz, Mohamed Mamdouh, Samer al Masri

The Married Couples
Hailing from different classes, a young man and his wife try to find their version of happily married when both yearn to leave their old lives behind.

Starring; Samir Ghanem, George Sidhum, Sherine

The School of Mischief
A high school teacher volunteers to transform five notorious misfits into model students and have unintended results.

Starring: Suhair El-Babili, Adel Emam, Saeed Saleh

The Student Cop

Sent undercover to investigate suspicious activity among a group of college students, a police officer gets more invested in his role than expected.

Starring: Karim Abdel Aziz, Hassan Hosni, Ghada Adel, Ramez Galal, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed, El Dafrawy

The Treasure
A quest for lost treasure frames an epic historical drama of Egypt in three epochs: the time of the pharaohs, the Ottoman Empire, and the modern era.

Starring: Ahmed Hatem, Hend Sabry, Mohamed Ramadan

X Large
After he is rejected by the woman he loves and obesity-related issues kill his uncle, a lonely, overweight artist undergoes a major transformation.

Starring: Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanim, Ibrahim Nasr, Yasmin Raels, Saeed Tarabeek

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