Spelling checker for Wordpress

When I published my very first post on a WordPress blog a few years ago, It looks grammatically correct and no spelling error.

If you previously used blogger as a blogging platform like me before migrating to Wordpress, you may perhaps observe that the Wordpress editor where you write your post has no default spelling checker.

I searched the Internet for a spelling checker for Wordpress that does not require a Wordpress plugin. One Site I read suggested the Google chrome extension After The Deadline. But it simply does not work for me.

A plugin named Jetpack has a spell-checking capability which I need but it is a very big plugin. As one site described it, it is very big and bloated. It is 7 Mb zipped and 22 Mb once expanded on disk.

I want to stick to the well-established rule in the blogging world with respect to plugins that less is more.

Some blog I read even suggested to have just 3 to 5 plugins excluding the caching plugin.

I had just posted my first blog post and I already have 10 active plugins. Make that 11 if I will be successful in finding a good spelling checker. Since I can not find a good browser extension that will do the job. I decided to look for a spelling checker for Wordpress plugin.

After a thorough search, I have decided to install the Jetpack plugin. It is like installing 20+ plugins in just one installation because it comes with 20+ features. But the beauty of this plugin is that you can opt to deactivate those features you do not need.

I always keep in mind the advice of a more experienced blogger. Install only those you need, but it seems impossible for me to keep my plugins to just 3 to 5.

When I installed the Jetpack plugin, I was required to have a WordPress.com account. You need a wordpress.com to be able to install the Jetpack plugin.

 Once installed, just choose the spelling checker and activate it.

As of Jetpack version 7.3, the Proofreading module (Spelling Checker) is no longer included in Jetpack. I found a browser extension called Grammarly in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is a good spelling and grammar checker.

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