orman smart school

Orman Smart School (Egypt)

Orman Smart School in Egypt accepts students for its Primary - Preparatory level.

The Orman Smart School (OSS) is in Maadi.

Admissions for the new academic year 2020-2021 are now open. Enroll your child to provide him with the best available quality of education.

Orman Smart School seeks continuous development and provides many advantages including:

1. Interactive chalkboards in all sessions.

2. Ethical curriculum.

3. Additional international curriculum in English along with government curriculum and high-level curriculum so that students are provided with all ways to acquire English skills.

4. Second language from the first grade of primary school where you can choose from three languages (French-German-Spanish).

5. A science curriculum in English from the first grade of primary school. A curriculum for social studies, which is taught from the second grade of primary school to qualify students for later social studies.

6. Morning reading and additional classes to take care of memorizing the Holy Quaran and knowing the honorable prophetic sunnah. Daily prayer rituals for Muslim students and Christians.

7. Additional activities like Music, Drawing, gymnastics, and football. Educational competitions and entertainment festivals.

Special discounts for brothers.

For more information, please contact 01155509690.

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