doner konner egypt

Doner Konner Egypt

On a new day, all the life of the sun is smiling and its people are gathering in Donner Konner and breaking the fast. 

Start your day right and wake up with Donner Konner. Doner Konner now makes breakfast.

  • Sandwich roll potatoes, ranch sauce with lettuce, and tomato for 15 Egyptian pounds.
  • Cheese fries roll sandwich for 16 Egyptian pounds.
  • Roll doner or chicken potato sandwich for 21 Egyptian pounds.
  • 2 roll sandwich (one doner with potatoes + one potato) for 30 Egyptian pounds.

Any breakfast with the best Nescafe or tea that likes your mode and let your day start right.

Address: Al-Qawmiyah next to Al-Fath Al-Eyoun Hospital.

For delivery: call 16611

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