the bakery shop egypt frozen range

The Bakery Shop Egypt Frozen Range (TBS)

Introducing The Bakery Shop (TBS) Frozen Range! Ready in 30 minutes.

It's never too late to try The Bakery Shop's unique and sweet and savory puff pastry dough with 8 different fillings!

Get the frozen pack, defrost, and be ready to serve in only 30 minutes.

8 Different Fillings:

1. Chicken and Rosemary Pies: 110 Egyptian pounds

2. Mushroom Rolls: 95 Egyptian pounds

3. Minced Beef Rolls: 95 Egyptian pounds

4. Feta Cheese Pies: 70 Egyptian pounds

5. Sausage Rolls: 140 Egyptian pounds

6. Apple and Custard Rolls: 75 Egyptian pounds

7. Chocolate Rolls: 95 Egyptian pounds

8. Tomato and Mozzarella Pies: 75 Egyptian pounds

The Bakery Shop (TBS) Egypt Call Center Number: 16679

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