zonzai asian cuisine

Zonzai Asian Cuisine

Sushi addicts, welcome!

Zonzai Asian Cuisine thought a lot about how it could offer you an attractive offer, but it finally reached that wonderful offer for you and its hopes that it is suitable for you.

Zonzai Asian Cuisine is located at:

1. Mokattam, 26 El Central Street, in front of Masr Insurance Club. Telephone No. 01022223417

2. Heliopolis, 62 El Hegaz Street, in front of Heliopolis Hospital. Telephone No. 01060354444


10 pcs: 90 L.E.

16 pcs. 140 L.E.

24 pcs. 195 L.E.

32 pcs: 248 L.E.

40 pcs: 300 L.E.'

52 pcs: 364 L.E.

70 pcs: 472 L.E.

100 pcs: 650 L.E.

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