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EasyWP Multiple Websites are here

EasyWP Multiple Websites are now available at namecheap.

Namecheap used to offer only one easywp website per one namecheap account.

This great domain name registrar and web host is happy to share that you can now host multiple websites on EasyWP.

If you have been looking to create another WordPress website or start hosting your clients' websites on EasyWP, now you can.

Namecheap is introducing an easy and simple way to build, manage and maintain all of your WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

You can already start adding new websites on your account today. Click on the “New website” button at the top of your EasyWP dashboard to get a new WordPress website.

Additional websites have the same price of your existing one: $8.88 for the first year, and the recently reduced renewal pricing of $29.88/year.

Update: Namecheap EasyWP is now offered in 3 tiers.

EasyWP Starter - $8.88 for 1st year and renews at $29.88/yearEasyWP Turbo - $34.88 for 1st year and renews at $68.88/yearEasyWP…