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Kansas Fried Chicken Egypt


kansas fried chicken egypt

Kansas Fried Chicken Egypt

Everything you love in one place. For your inquiries and orders, call 16213.

Delivery Areas:

Rehab, First Settlement, Fifth Settlement

Sheraton Residences, New Picnic, Parts of Nasr City

Heliopolis, Quba Saraya, Dome Gardens

New Maadi, Zahra Maadi, Old Maadi

Engineers, Old, Dokki

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Zi Sushi


zi sushi

Zi Sushi

Each piece of sushi increases the happiness level...especially with the September offer. Enjoy the special offer with a 15% discount on dining and 10% on delivery.

Working hours from 11 AM to 1 AM.

10 pieces for 100 L.E

15 pieces for 145 L.E

20 pieces for 190 L.E

25 pieces for 225 L.E

30 pieces for 265 L.E

40 pieces for 335 L.E

50 pieces for 395 L.E

60 pieces for 485 L.E

80 pieces for 640 L.E

100 pieces for 750 L.E

Taxes and delivery to be added.

Mohandesen delivery orders: 0233658202 | 01010774701

Masr el Gededa delivery orders: 01208761608 | 01122080053

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Call 19017 or visit your nearest branch.

Al-Maliki (Elmalky) Company is one of the 100% pure Egyptian companies. It is considered a pioneer in the field of manufacturing dairy products in the confectionery sector and then promoting them through the company's sales outlets spread throughout Cairo and Alexandria.

Brief History:

The Al-Maliki chain was established in 1917 in the old city of Cairo, specifically in the Al-Hussein neighborhood, that ancient quarter with special features from the historical point of view.

Of course, the Al-Maliki branch, located in front of Al-Mashhad Al-Husseini, was the first of Al-Maliki's stores, whose success led to the Egyptian consumer confidence. It also led to its rapid spread, particularly in the second half of the last century, throughout the capital, and then throughout Alexandria.


As for the products, at the beginning - of course - the list of products was not in this current way of diversity and multiplicity. It was limited to a limited amount of traditional products that characterized the culture

The main objective of this establishment is to provide a healthy product that is distinctive in terms of quality, taste, and price so that it is accessible to all categories of consumers from Egypt.

Therefore .. Al-Maliki is considered a pioneer in the dairy products industry in the confectionery sector, which is an industry based on the use of milk as a basic raw material in the manufacture of its products.

In view of what constitutes the nature of milk as raw material, it is necessary to go through multiple and precise industrial stages to a large extent to make optimal use of it, in terms of quality, modern manufacturing techniques, and optimal methods in Preservation, cooling, and distribution.

Also ... these products must have a special strategy in distribution, based on preparing outlets to sell them at the highest level of sophistication and modernity represented in the branches of the Al-Maliki chain equipped with the latest technology in preservation, cooling, and display, which aims in its entirety to reach the product in the best way to the hand of the consumer, Either direct sales or through the equipped fleet to deliver orders throughout.


Although the manufacture of sweets from dairy products in Al-Malki Corporation is considered one of the medium industries in terms of size, this was not a barrier to the use of the latest technologies in the various stages of the industry, starting from the use of the latest laboratories and measuring quality standards through the use of the latest devices to sterilize and The pasteurization of milk for use, then the manufacturing and cooking stage, in which the skills and experiences of a team of specialists in the field of cooking these products are not neglected to reach the taste that characterizes the products Al-Maliki on their counterparts in the Egyptian market.

Finally, there comes the role of the filling and cooling stage, which the management of the Al-Maliki Foundation has paid special attention in terms of selecting packages from the finest raw materials, locally made or imported, as well as equipping refrigerators and cold rooms at the highest level of technology, and with spaces consistent with the daily production volume of the Al-Maliki Foundation, So that the product comes out fresh, healthy and always delicious.

And through a fleet of cars equipped with the latest cooling equipment, Al-Maliki's products are distributed to the various branches more than once a day, to compensate for the deficiencies inside the branches without the need for storage. For a long time inside the branch.

The administration has supplied its factories in Cairo and Alexandria with trained cadres of engineers and technicians at the highest level of competence and is always keen to train them on the latest technology in this field of industry.

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Sushi Life Egypt


sushi life egypt

Sushi Life Egypt

All you can eat offer 150 Egyptian pounds on Saturdays, Mondays, and Thursdays, and the rest of the week is 180 Egyptian pounds.

Note: Offer does not include sashimi, jonkan, and tamaki.

The Boxes:

1. 50 pcs for 310 Egyptian pounds

2. 70 pcs for 410 Egyptian pounds

The price above includes tax and service.


Sushi Life in Egypt is located at Al-Hassan, Sheraton Airport, picnic department, Cairo governorate.

For your orders and inquiries, call 01018302920.

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Ikoja Sushi Bar



ikoja sushi bar

Ikoja Sushi Bar

A party without sushi is just a meeting, so order your favorite sushi combos and enjoy a free combo offer on delivery.

Visit Ikoja Sushi Bar at Concord plaza, 90th street 5th settlement.

For orders and information please contact 01119011198.

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Pane Vino Restaurant and Terrace


pane vino restaurant

Pane Vino Restaurant and Terrace (Egypt)

Did you try Pane Vino's salmon steak perfectly grilled with sauteed baby vegetables or salad? 

To reserve your table for lunch or dinner at Pane Vino restaurant and terrace call 0227988000.

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Balance Box Food


balance box food

Balance Box Food in Egypt

5 Balance Meals. Low calorie and tasty.

1. Mix Veggie Chicken (Protein 42; Fat 32; Carb 34; Calories 404)
2. Beef Stroganoff (Protein 41; Fat 24; Carb 60; Calories 625)
3. Mix Grilled (Protein 63; Fat 23; Carb 54; Calories 713)
4. Barbecue Chicken (Protein 51; Fat 7; Carb 60; Calories 525)
5. Shrimp and Crab (Protein 39; Fat 3; Carb 46; Calories 412)

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