8 Google Search Tips that you probably don't know

8 Google Search Tips that you probably don't know

If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world. But the truth is most people suck at it.

1. Use this to search within a specific website only.

    Example: Kevin Ryan site:namecheap.com

    This searches for Kevin Ryan mentions on my website namecheap.com

2. | Vertical bar

    Same purpose as OR

    Example: Netflix | Hulu

    Netflix OR Hulu

3. "Quotation Marks"

    Put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that word.

    All results will have your terms in them.

    Example: "James Clear"

    Gives you all James Clear search results without just "James" or just "Clear".

4. - Dashes

    If you want to exclude a term from your search, include a hyphen before that word.

    Example: dolphins -football

5. ~ tilde

    Use tilde when you want synonyms to appear in the result.

    Example:music ~classes

    Here you only get music classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

6. .. Two Periods

    Use two periods to search within 2 number ranges.

    Example: movies 1980..2000

7. Location:

    Find news related to a particular location.

    Example: Elon Musk location:san francisco

8. Filetype:

    Filter by a certain file type related to your search.

    Example: warren buffet filetype:pdf

    This filters out all the clickbait news Buffer news articles you don't want to read.

Article Source:  Chris Hladczuk @chrishlad

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Easywp Supersonic

Easywp Supersonic

Easywp Supersonic is Namecheap's highest tier manage Wordpress hosting solution.

Easywp Supersonic is a true manage Wordpress hosting solution for everyone.

Supersonic is a Webhosting solution designed for scaling up.

Easywp Supersonic Pricing

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EasyWP Supersonic has the following features;
1. 100 GB SSD storage
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6. Free CDN
7. Free SSL

In addition to the above features, EasyWP Supersonic plan includes the following features:
1. Wordpress installed in under 90 seconds
2. Hosted on Namecheap cloud
3. Scale elastically as visitors grow
4. Highly available with uptime guarantee
5. 3X faster than traditional Webhosting
6. Use any domain name
7. Ready to go managed Wordpress hosting
8. Easy to use dashboard to manage WP sites
9. Fastest out of all Wordpress hosts
10.Highly secure and tuned out of the box
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Why hide your affiliate link?

Why hide your affiliate link?

I am a newbie blogger and I intend in the future to monetize my blog through affiliate marketing.

I read in some forums that if you are an affiliate marketer, you must cloak or hide you affiliate link.

Being a newbie, I asked my self, why do I need to cloak or hide my affiliate link.

I am very fond of the saying that look before you leap. I do not want to enter into something that I do not understand.
I found a very nice explanation on why is there a need to hide the affiliate link. I found the answer from the site www.streetdirectory.com and enumerated the reasons why.

Reason Why Affiliate Link Must Be Hidden or Cloaked

1. To Prevent Hijacking - Hijacking is what happens when someone replaces your affiliate id with theirs in the affiliate link. Let’s say your affiliate ID is cyberbooks and the product site is www.affiliatelife.com. Then your affiliate link would be www.affiliatelife.com/?cyberbooks. Say the hijacker uses the affiliate ID of captain-hook. What he would do is replace your ID with his, and buy from the URL www.affiliatelife.com/?captain-hook.

2. To Prevent A Bypass - Bypassing is what happens when someone sees an affiliate link and is either unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it, or just can’t stand the idea of your getting a commission (even though you’ve done the work to put the information in front of them). So instead of buying from www.affiliatelife.com/?cyberbooks, the
bypasser will simply “chop off” the affiliate ID at the end and simply buy from the plain URL www.affiliate.com without your
affiliate ID attached!

The bottom line: You don’t get your commission, and the hijacker puts your money in his pocket, in the form of a discount, by buying through his own affiliate link. Unfortunately, as long as people can see an affiliate code in the link that you offer them, a certain number of them are destined to hijack it – or bypass it.

If you’re using PayPal to sell digital products check your source code. In that code is the link to your thank you page which many people use as the download page for their digital product. All someone has to do is copy that link in your source code and voila’, they’re at your download page without having to pay for your product.
How will I, a newbie blogger avoid losing my affiliate commissions from the reasons cited above.

The advice of seasoned bloggers whose blog I read says that we must look for software to hide affiliate links. My search leads me to a very nice and good solution:

1. If you are using blogger or any blogging platform aside from Wordpress, hide your affiliate link through shortening of the URL link. I found Google URL Shortener (discontinued by Google) a very effective one, I now used bitly. Just enter your affiliate URL link in the field box and just press the shorten URL box and you're done. You have a very nice short and tidy affiliate link.

2. If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform, I discovered the following plugins. It is very simple and efficient to use.
a. Pretty Link
b. ThirstyAffiliates

Both WordPress plugins have a free and paid version.

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Wordpress Themes with Lifetime Updates

Where to buy premium Wordpress themes with lifetime updates? 

One of the things I look for when I buy premium Wordpress themes is the responsiveness of the theme. I want to make sure that my visitors can access my site when they are using a desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, or hand-held devices such as mobile phones.

The second thing I look for when I buy premium Wordpress themes is the support the theme provider provides. Most theme providers I have seen offers support via forum only. Few theme providers offer chat and ticket support and even fewer offers phone support. Most of these theme providers offer one year of support.

The third thing I look for when I buy premium Wordpress themes is how often the Wordpress theme is updated and for how long. A theme that is not updated is vulnerable to hacking and breaking. Patches to these security holes and theme defects are important things I consider when I buy premium Wordpress themes.

The fourth thing I look for when I buy premium Wordpress themes is, of course, the price. I do not subscribe to member-only theme providers. I prefer to buy premium Wordpress themes individually.

In my search for the best place where to buy premium Wordpress themes with lifetime updates, I found 3 good Wordpress themes providers that offer lifetime updates to a purchased theme.

These 3 Premium WordPress Themes providers are the following:

1. Ink Themes - Ink Themes has the following features you may like:
a. All of their themes are responsive
b. Easy purchase through Paypal
c. You will get PSD files with all your purchased themes
d. You can change the language of the theme
e. You can use the themes on an unlimited number of site or domains.
f. Lifetime Updates

2. Gabfire Themes - Gabfire Themes has the following features you may like:
a. You can use a theme you buy on as many sites as you want.
b. Support is offered for one year like all the other theme providers but you can buy forum support for subsequent years which is great.
c. After you buy a Gabfire theme, as an owner, you are entitled to lifetime updates of the theme.

3. Frog Themes - Frog Themes has the following features you may like:
a. The purchased single Wordpress theme is free to use on as many websites as you like.
b. You can buy the PSDs for a particular theme as you purchase the theme. Photoshop files of PSD are the original design files used to create the theme.
c. Individual themes are sold at $49 and $39.
d. Lifetime Updates for an additional fee.

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3 Things To Consider When You Buy WordPress Theme

3 Things You Must Consider When You Buy Wordpress Themes

Most of you love to blog right? You may be residing locally or abroad but I am pretty much sure that you like to blog.

Most of you use the blogspot/blogger platform of Google.

Some of you use the wordpress.com platform.

Eventually, you realize the potential of monetizing your blog after having a substantial number of monthly traffic. A nice sideline right?

It is then that you realize to get serious with your blog.

This article is intended primarily for Egyptian bloggers blogging on the free wordpress.com platform. But anybody can follow.

To realize the full potential of monetizing your Wordpress blog, you need to buy a domain name. A lot of companies sell a domain names for cheap. I bought mine from namecheap.

The next thing to do is to move your wordpress.com blog to a self-hosted blog. Meaning, you have to find a web hosting company to host your blog.

My blog is originally hosted on Namecheap but I moved it back to blogger.com.

Namecheap offers $2.88 per month or more or less 50 Egyptian pounds of Wordpress hosting. It comes with a free domain name. Check it out.

After buying a domain name and web hosting, you may be interested to buy a Wordpress theme. A lot of Wordpress themes are sold to be advertisement ready.

I bought my Wordpress theme from mythemeshop. I bought mine for $59. But it occasionally sells at a discount just like now, it offers to sell its Wordpress themes for $19.

So, you decided to buy a Wordpress theme.

When you buy Wordpress themes, Check that the following features are present.

1. You must pay a one time fee
2. It must provide lifetime support and updates or pay yearly support for a minimal fee.
3. You must be able to use your theme on unlimited domains

When you start to blog in the hosted Wordpress platform, You once searched for a  Wordpress theme that you intended to use for a very long time. You do not want to change your Wordpress theme every so often.

I might guess that you are once a frequent visitor to the official wordpress.org repositories of free themes.

Soon you may discover that you wanted a theme that you can not find in the free Wordpress theme repositories.

So you will begin searching the internet for a premium or paid Wordpress theme to use in your Wordpress blog.

An abundance of Premium Themes Provider gives you very wide options to choose from.

You might be tempted to immediately buy Wordpress themes that you like based solely on price. But beware of what you buy.

Most Premium or Paid WordPress providers may entice you to buy the themes they sell by using the following words and phrases:

24/7 Unlimited Support
Unparalleled Support
Fully Responsive Designs
Make Your Site Load Fast
Built-In Ad Management
Unlimited Updates
Compatible With Major Browsers
Contact Forms Included
Themes Develop Using Latest HTML 5 and CSS3 Markup
SEO Optimized
Advanced Features like  Shortcodes and Theme Options
Rock Solid Framework

Please consider the above features when you buy Wordpress themes but that should not be the sole basis of your choice.

 To reiterate, Important Things To Look For When You Buy WordPress Themes.

1. The Theme must offer a lifetime update. Do not fall for those phrases like unlimited updates. That unlimited update might be for just one year only. After that, updates stop.
2. When you buy Wordpress themes, It must be a one time fee. No recurring monthly charges. When you are just starting to blog in the hosted Wordpress platform, you must try to limit your recurring expenses to the domain name and hosting only.
3. The theme that you will buy must allow you to install it on several of your blog sites. There are theme providers that restrict the use of the purchased Wordpress theme to just one site.
The Wordpress theme I used once in this blog was bought from MyThemeshop.

I bought it for a one time fee. It offers excellent support and customization.  It offers premium support and updates for one year only like most of the popular Wordpress themes provider.

After one year, support and updates stop but you can still use the theme for life.

The few reasons why I am still using the theme I bought from Mythemeshop are its speed, simplicity, and easy customization. I can always pay for support for a minimal fee anytime I want. In fact, mythemeshop offers support for $9 per year.

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Spelling Checker for Wordpress

Spelling checker for Wordpress

When I published my very first post on a WordPress blog a few years ago, It looks grammatically correct and no spelling error.

If you previously used blogger as a blogging platform like me before migrating to Wordpress, you may perhaps observe that the Wordpress editor where you write your post has no default spelling checker.

I searched the Internet for a spelling checker for Wordpress that does not require a Wordpress plugin. One Site I read suggested the Google chrome extension After The Deadline. But it simply does not work for me.

A plugin named Jetpack has a spell-checking capability which I need but it is a very big plugin. As one site described it, it is very big and bloated. It is 7 Mb zipped and 22 Mb once expanded on disk.

I want to stick to the well-established rule in the blogging world with respect to plugins that less is more.

Some blog I read even suggested to have just 3 to 5 plugins excluding the caching plugin.

I had just posted my first blog post and I already have 10 active plugins. Make that 11 if I will be successful in finding a good spelling checker. Since I can not find a good browser extension that will do the job. I decided to look for a spelling checker for Wordpress plugin.

After a thorough search, I have decided to install the Jetpack plugin. It is like installing 20+ plugins in just one installation because it comes with 20+ features. But the beauty of this plugin is that you can opt to deactivate those features you do not need.

I always keep in mind the advice of a more experienced blogger. Install only those you need, but it seems impossible for me to keep my plugins to just 3 to 5.

When I installed the Jetpack plugin, I was required to have a WordPress.com account. You need a wordpress.com to be able to install the Jetpack plugin.

 Once installed, just choose the spelling checker and activate it.

As of Jetpack version 7.3, the Proofreading module (Spelling Checker) is no longer included in Jetpack. I found a browser extension called Grammarly in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is a good spelling and grammar checker.

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Free keyword research tools

10 Free keyword research tools

The following are 10 alternative free keyword research tools that you may use in lieu of the free Google Keyword Planner:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Keyword Sheeter
  3. Answer the Public
  4. Keyword Surfer
  5. Keyworddit
  6. KeywordTool
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Questiondb
  9. Bulk Keyword Generator
  10. Google
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