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Loco Cafe and Bakery


loco cafe and bakery

Loco Cafe and Bakery

Have your breakfast at Loco Cafe and get a discount of more than 50% and free coffee. During lunchtime get a free juice.

Loco Cafe is located at Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate.

4 Breakfast offers starting from 40 Egyptian pounds + free drinks.

4 Lunch offers starting from 140 Egyptian pounds + free juice.

3 Couple offers start from 120 Egyptian pounds + free juice.



Chicken Soup: 38 L.E.

Mushroom Soup: 35 L.E.


Greek Salad: 40 L.E.

Chicken Caesar: 60 L.E.

Crispy Chicken: 60 L.E.

Tuna Salad: 70 L.E.

Loco Salad: 60 L.E.

Coleslaw Salad: 25 L.E.


Chicken Strips: 55 L.E.

Cheese Fries: 28 L.E.

Fried Mozzarella: 42 L.E.

Vegetable Spring Rolls: 35 L.E.

French Fries: 20 L.E.


Penne Pasta: 50 L.E.

Fettuccine Alfredo: 65 L.E.

Seafood Pasta: 115 L.E.

Spaghetti Napoli: 60 L.E.

Penne Chicken Pesto: 85 L.E.

Spaghetti Bolognese: 65 L.E.

All dishes served with garlic bread.


Margherita: 50 L.E.

Mushroom: 70 L.E.

Vegetables: 60 L.E.

Quattro Formaggi: 90 L.E.

Chicken: 75 L.E.

Salami: 80 L.E.

Tuna: 102 L.E.

Seafood: 120 L.E.

Loco: 95 L.E.

Hot Dog: 65 L.E.

Main Courses

Chicken Mushroom: 90 L.E.

Chicken Portodoll: 90 L.E.

Grilled Chicken: 85 L.E.

Beef Fillet: 150 L.E.

Frutti Di Mare: 160 L.E.

All dishes served with 2 sides (Basmati Rice, Mashed potato, French fries, Saute)


Chicken Fajitas: 65 L.E.

Fajitas Beef: 70 L.E.

Chicken Pane: 45 L.E.

Shish Tawook: 55 L.E.

Crispy Chicken: 55 L.E.

Mexican Hot Dog: 45 L.E.

Tuna: 65 L.E.

Chicken Strips: 60 L.E.


Classic Burger: 60 L.E.

Cheese Burger: 70 L.E.

Hot Cheese Burger: 75 L.E.

Mushroom Burger: 65 L.E.

BBQ Burger: 65 L.E.

Smoke Burger: 70 L.E.

Bacon Burger: 80 L.E.

All sandwiches are served with French fries.


Mushroom: 15 L.E.

Salami: 15 L.E.

Melted Cheese: 15 L.E.

Bacon: 15 L.E.

Mozarella: 15 L.E.


Cheese Cake: 40 L.E.

Fudge: 40 L.E.

Brownies with Ice Cream: 45 L.E.

Molten Cake: 55 L.E.

Carrot Cake: 40 L.E.

Tiramisu: 45 L.E.

OM Ali: 40 L.E.

OM ALi with Nuts: 45 L.E.


Chocolate: 30 L.E.

White Chocolate: 30 L.E.

Caramel: 30 L.E.

Nutella: 45 L.E.

Lotus: 55 L.E.

Blue Berry: 40 L.E.

Seasonal Fruits: 40 L.E.


Milk: 10 L.E.

Skimmed Milk: 10 L.E.

Sauce: 15 L.E.

Flavor: 15 L.E.

Ice Cream Scoop: 15 L.E.


Mango Kiwi: 545 L.E.

Sun Shine: 35 L.E.

Tropical: 45 L.E.

Florida: 45 L.E.

Pina Colada: 45 L.E.

Ice-Cream Soda: 40 L.E.

Cherry Cola: 35 L.E.

Soft Drinks

Pepsi: 12 L.E.

7 UP: 12 L.E.

Mirinda: 12 L.E.

Schweppes: 14 L.E.

Birell: 14 L.E.

Fayrouz: 14 L.E.

Redbull: 35 L.E.

Sparkling Water: 25

Mineral Water (small): 10 L.E.

For Inquiries/orders, call: 01222200574

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Sapporo Japanese Restaurant


sapporo japanese restaurant

Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

Cravings for noodles but looking for something different? Sapporo Japanese Restaurant at Sheraton Hotel & Casino has what you are looking for.

Sapporo Restaurant was the first Japanese restaurant to offer Teppanyaki and Sushi in Egypt back in the 90s, then closed for renovation in 2011 and now is back with a revamped space to offer daily fresh authentic sushi, teppanyaki, and Japanese dishes, fueled by a live DJ performance and a buzzing bar.

For reservations, call: 01022216883



North Sea Salad: 210 Egyptian pounds

Roast Beef Salad: 95 Egyptian pounds

Tataki Red Tuna Salad:  185 Egyptian pounds

Japanese Garden Vegetables Salad: 65 Egyptian pounds


Miso Soup: 65 Egyptian pounds

Chicken Wonton Soup: 95 Egyptian pounds

Sapporo Jewel of Seafood Chowder: 350 Egyptian pounds

Sushi Ala Carte

Norwegian Salmon: 65 Egyptian pounds

Red Tuna: 70 Egyptian pounds

Sea Bass: 50 Egyptian pounds

Squid: 40 Egyptian pounds

Boiled Octopus: 45 Egyptian pounds

Boiled Prawn: 90 Egyptian pounds

Crab Sticks: 45 Egyptian pounds

Grilled Eel: 90 Egyptian pounds

Shrimps Caviar: 120 Egyptian pounds

Salmon Caviar: 390 Egyptian pounds

Sapporo Signature Roll

Super Volcano Roll: 175 L.E.

Red Mountain Roll: 220 L.E.

Dynamite Roll Sapporo Style: 250 L.E.

Sahara Roll: 130 L.E.

Giza Roll: 190 L.E.

Tiger Roll: 155 L.E.

Soft Drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7 UP, Diet 7 UP, Miranda, Soda Tonic: 40 L.E.

Nestle Large: 40 L.E.

Nestle Small: 30 L.E.

Evian Water Large: 80 L.E.

Evian Water Small: 55 L.E.

Sparkling Water Large: 80 L.E.

Sparkling Water Small: 50 L.E.

Energy Drinks

Redbull: 65 L.E.

Rice and Noodles

Steamed Rice: 55 L.E.

Hibachi Egg Fried Rice: 

     Vegetables: 50 L.E.

     Chicken: 75 L.E.

     Seafood: 120 L.E.

     Beef: 100 L.E.

Hibachi Fried Noodles:

     Vegetables: 75 L.E.

     Chicken: 95 L.E.

     Seafood: 120 L.E.

     Beef: 100 L.E.

Sapporo Chilled Saba Noodles: 120 L.E.

Tempura Soba: 240 L.E.

Sapura Ramen Noodles: 175 L.E.

Red Wine (Egypt)

Ayam: 100 per glass/375 per bottle

Grand Marquis: 80 per glass/300 per bottle

Cape Bay Merlot: 95 per glass/425 per bottle

Cape Bay Merlot Oaky: 175 per glass/650 per bottle

Chateau de Granville: 175 per glass/650 per bottle

Shahrazad: 80 per glass/300 per bottle

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Hook Restaurant


hook restaurant

Hook Restaurant

Hook Restaurant is located at Masaken, Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

Are you hungry and wanted to try a new taste of pasta?

You can try Hook restaurant's Shrimp White Pasta with a special taste that you will eat and surely be in love.

For only 90 Egyptian pounds, you can have this 250-gram pasta with 10 shrimps drowned in white sauce that taste different.

For Delivery:


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Molotov Fried Chicken & Burger


molotov fried chicken

Molotov Fried Chicken & Burger

Molotov opens in Hadayek Al-Ahram with the best offers of Fried Chicken and Burger.

Molotov Meals

Beginners: (1 piece fried chicken, 1 bread) 20 L.E.

Bigger: (2 pieces fried chicken, 1 bread) 40 L.E.

Hulk: (3 pieces fried chicken, 1 bread) 55 L.E.

The migg: (4 pieces fried chicken, 2 bread) 70 L.E.

Rocket: (6 pieces fried chicken, 1 fries, 1 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 2 bread) 100 L.E.

Runers: (9 pieces fried chicken, 1 fries, 2 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 3 bread) 150 L.E.

Mafia: (12 pieces fried chicken, I fries, 2 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 4 bread) 200 L.E.

Ghosts: (15 pieces fried chicken, 1 fries, 2 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 5 bread) 250 L.E.

Burners: (18 pieces fried chicken, 1 fries, 2 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 6 bread) 258 L.E.

Fire: (21 pieces fried chicken, 2 fries, 3 coleslaw, 1-liter Pepsi, 7 bread) 320 L.E.


Fries: 10 L.E.

Cheese fries: 25 L.E.

Crocket fries: 40 L.E.

Onion rings: 15 L.E.

Chili cheese fries: 30 L.E.

Chicken wings 55 L.E.

Fried mozzarella: 28 L.E.


Molotov: 30 L.E.

BBQ: 25 L.E.

Tiger: 25 L.E.


Chicken roll: 35 L.E.

Chicken roll spicy: 35 L.E.


Molten cake: 30 L.E.

Brownies: 30 L.E.

Addition ice cream: 10 L.E.


1 Liter Pepsi: 20 L.E.

1 Can Pepsi: 10 L.E.

Water: 8 L.E.

Juice: 7 L.E.


Cheese jar; 40 L.E.

Honey Master: 10 L.E.

Molotov Spicy: 10 L.E.

Mushroom sauce: 10 L.E.

BBQ: 5 L.E.

Molotov original: 20 L.E.

Coleslaw: 15 L.E.

Mayonanaise: 5 L.E.

Ranch: 5 L.E.

Address: 24 pm Hadayek Al-Ahram - first gate III (Musharqa), first high pressure street next to Cafe Al-Basha.

For Inquiries and orders/deliveries, call:



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El Safa Pharmacy


el safa pharmacy

El Safa Pharmacy

El Safa Pharmacy. A Great Pharmacy.

Contact for delivery/inquiry:



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Rosto El Haram


rosto el haram

Rosto El Haram is located at El Omraniya, Giza Governorate.

The food is delicious and cheap. The roasted chicken is one of the best you will ever taste in Cairo.

Rosto El Haram's menu is exclusively written in Arabic with no English translation.

Contact Number:




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Pink Fried Chicken Egypt


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Pink Fried Chicken Egypt

Pink Fried Chicken Egypt offers you the most delicious broasted chicken meals and sandwiches at an affordable price and an irresistible wonderful taste..only in Pink.

Pink Fried Chicken is located at 16 Ezz El Din Omar Street, off Haram Street.

To request an order contact:



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